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Beauty surrounds Wellsboro, Pennsylvania with its quaint gaslit Main Streets, the PA Grand Canyon, pristine woodlands, waterfalls & wildlife. Breathe deeply and enjoy roaming through wellsborowoodlands.com for souvenirs, gifts, postcards, canvas prints, jewelry & more! Then take a little treasure of Wellsboro home with you!

Fireflies In A Jar

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Fireflies In A Jar

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Do you remember your childhood summer nights when the fireflies would fill the back yard, and your only care in the world was capturing enough of the glowing bugs to make a night light or lantern?  These beautiful jars bring back those childhood memories without disrupting any of Pennsylvania's 7 lightning bug species. 

Bring the soothing glow of Wellsboro Woodland's Fireflies inside with this battery powered colony of lightening bugs.  Each firefly is one-of-a-kind, individually hand-molded in Wellsboro and carefully attached in a string of 10.  The bright little group of fireflies is then nested in dried moss and fern inside your choice of a Clear Glass Jar or a real Antique Blue Jar, for the little house guests to live in.

The firefly string is battery operated and comes with one battery replacement, which are very easy to install and inexpensive to buy.

The Blue Mason Jars are true antiques, complete with their original galvanized metal lid.  Each jar is unique and has various time period company logos such as Atlas, Mason and Ball.

Quantities are limited.

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